The D15 Diversity Report organizes its recommendations within two themes: Integration and Inclusion. We ask: how can integration happen on the students' own terms? What would it mean for a student not to be integrated but to integrate?

For this to happen, students must cultivate their own agency. Our project speculates on the forms that empowerment might take.

We looked to a wide range of activist practices—from data scientists to visual artists to landscape architects. We learned from the ways they interpreted racial justice as both a physical and embodied project, as well as a social and institutional one. They expand the idea of "integration" to a human right of health, safety, and welfare.

As students interrogating the role of architecture in the project of racial integration, we have engaged a hybrid practice of research and design to imagine more just futures.

Walid Raad, Artist. The Atlas Group (1989-2004)

Sumayya Vally, Architect. Material Histories: Sands, soils, recipes, and other archives (2020-21)

Sara Zewde, Landscape Architect. The Coming Soon Series (2018)

Dala Nasser, Artist. Mineral Lick (2018)

Sara Wylie, Sociologist/Anthropologist/Data Scientist. Hydrogen Sulfide Sensing Project (2014)